In addition to renovating or remodeling high-end townhouses, lofts, apartments, and other residences, we also perform a wide range of maintenance services. No matter what skills are required for the job, we can assemble the best team to get the work done right.


After a while, every home needs a fresh coat of paint or other upgrades and updates. Tatra can help. We offer a wide array of renovation services for townhouses, apartments, co-ops, and condominiums, including:

  • New additions
  • Master suite and bathroom upgrades
  • Formal living and dining rooms updates
  • Custom bathrooms
  • Custom walk-in closets
  • Complete millwork services
  • Stone and granite work
  • Plaster, painting, decorative wall treatments
  • Plumbing and electrical work
  • HVAC systems and services
  • Custom windows and doors
  • Specialty flooring
  • Entertainment and media rooms
  • Low Voltage and AV system installation
  • Green patios and decks
  • Green roofs
  • Solar panels
  • Concrete work
  • Custom metal work and finishes
  • Structural steel


Whether you’ve just moved in or are simply ready for a change, we can help you customize your home so it reflects your unique personality and taste. We have the right equipment and the best trade specialists to tackle everything from a small list of “to do” items to a major remodeling project.


Just like changing the oil in your car or checking the air pressure in your tires, your home needs maintenance, too. Small cracks need to be repaired before they lead to structural damage; wood surfaces should be treated before they decay; and plumbing should be checked to prevent small clogs from becoming major disasters.

Our maintenance program is based on regularly scheduled inspections by trained professionals. It is focused on identifying small problems that hold the potential to create large repair expenses, or possibly even higher replacement costs. It is aimed at helping prevent most unexpected and costly repairs or emergencies before they happen. It is intended to keep emergency services to a minimum.

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